The story of Baby Boy Badzin is a simple one.
A little boy named Sam loved his sisters, but he asked God every night for another sibling. Then one day his parents told him a baby was coming in November. Sam, certain that his praying had worked, spent the next six months praying for a brother. “Bring home a boy,” Sam said when his parents went to the hospital. And they did. THE END.

If only ALL of our real-life stories could have such happy endings.

I’m so grateful to announce the arrival of Baby Boy Badzin, born on 11/6/11 at 8.3 pounds and 21 inches.

Why doesn’t he have a name yet?! I explain that here.

And did I really let Bryan choose the name? I did.

(Edited to say I’ve been reading the comments! Although I can’t respond like I normally would, I appreciate everyone’s warm wishes. It means a lot!)

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