If you haven’t followed the baby name drama in the Badzin household, I’ll get you up to speed.

When I was six months pregnant with our fourth child, I spent a few days determined to change our 2-year-old daughter’s name (after I’d pushed the name on Bryan in the first place). I terrorized the family, then settled on leaving her name as is. After all that, Bryan declared he would name our fourth child. Since I’d lost faith in my naming abilities anyway, I agreed to the plan.

Then towards the end of the pregnancy, Bryan said he wanted to follow the more traditional Jewish custom of not announcing the baby’s name until the bris (for a boy) or baby naming ceremony (for a girl). I wasn’t sold on the idea until I did a little research, which led to my writing a piece on the matter for TcJewfolk.com.

Now that our son has been in our lives for a week known only as “the baby” or “mister” or “pumpkin breath,” I can say that waiting to announce his name added meaning and depth to the bris for everyone in attendance. I recommend trying it if you have the chance. If I could go back and make the same decision with our other kids, I would.

Our “dream team” of rabbis from our Conservative synaogue and Chabad

So, now that the wait is over, I’m excited to share our baby’s name. His English name is Nathan (we’ll call him Nate) Sackheim Badzin. And his Hebrew name is Natan David (pronounced Daveed). Bryan and I are drawn to names from our Jewish heritage. Bryan spoke at the bris about the attributes of the prophet Natan and King David that we hope our son will share one day.

Sackheim is my maiden name, and since I have no brothers or male first cousins who will carry the name forward, we thought it would be meaningful for my parents and my family to know that Nate will connect to that piece of his family puzzle.

So, patient friends and blog readers, I appreciate you coming along on this baby naming ride with me and enduring all the baby talk in general. Soon it will be time to get serious about “the writing life” aspect of this blog again. First order of business—SLEEP.

Wish me luck!

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