The friendship question at my column this month is about friendship connectors vs. hoarders. Of all the questions I’ve received in two years, this is one I could relate to almost word for word. Luckily it was an issue I resolved for myself years ago. (Not many, I should admit. Maybe two or three years.) But hopefully my take will help the letter writer and others in the same boat. Do you ever find yourself hoarding your friends? Or are you more of a connector?

Here’s how the letter begins . . . 

Dear Nina,

I often introduce my friends or acquaintances to each other because it me makes me happy to do so. I like helping my friends, and adding the joy of new friends or good work connections to their lives is easy to do so why wouldn’t I? People often say I’m a great connector and generous with my relationships, and I take both comments as big compliments. I’m sure you know there’s a “however” coming next.  . . .

Please visit to read the rest of the letter and my answer. 


And if you missed my love fest + how-to post last week all about starting a Bullet Journal, check that out, too! I’ve had several people tell me they dove into Bullet Journaling after my post and are really appreciating what it’s added to their lives. (Which is exactly how I felt right after I finally started.)



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