This week rather than a full explanation of episode two of Game of Thrones, I’m doing more of a gut reaction to what I saw in chronological order. I like this format better and will do the same next week. (See last week’s discussion of episode one here.)

Westeros: I like that Dany wants to be told the truth about her leadership. Then oy, Melisandre is back. And Dany is going to pardon her just like she did with Varys. At first I was annoyed, but now I’m happy Melisandre is here since she cut right to the chase and planted the seed to bring Jon Snow to Westeros. Though I’m not sure Jon is going to be too keen about being summoned to “bend the knee.”

North: Wow, those ravens are better than email. News got to Jon fast and Sansa says, nope, you’re not going down there. It’s a trap. Everyone seems to agree.

King’s Landing: Cersei is painting Dany as “the mad king’s daughter” and as someone who the people (and the Lords) need protecting from. Meanwhile, Cersei’s icky Frankenstein’s creator guy claims to be working on a way to defeat the three dragons.

Citadel: Jorah’s disease is progressing. I’d like to think Sam is going to save him.

War council at Westeros: That was a cool scene with four women leading the charge. I loved seeing all those players in one place. “You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.” ~ Lady Olenna, who is the Dowager Countess of Game of Thrones, also says Dany should ignore all the advice she’s getting, which is exactly how she has managed to stay alive all these years.

Touching scene between Greyworm and Missandei (yes I had to look that up), but didn’t exactly further the plot.

Citadel: Ah, I knew Sam would work to find a cure. “You’re not dying today, Sir Jorah.” But geez, I could not watch that scene. Really gross.

North: Arya was reunited with her friend, the baker. She learns for the first time the Boltons have been defeated and that Jon Snow is king of The North. I didn’t realize before that she wasn’t up on the news. That doesn’t really ring true to her character or the situation.

Oh Sansa is not going to be happy Jon defied her advice not to go to Westeros. The North remembers The Mad King and is NOT having it. They agree with Sansa. But then Jon says, “Until I return The North is yours.” Okay, well now Sansa is all about the new plan. Oh and Little Finger wants some thanks for sending his army to fight the Boltons. But guess what, Jon is not going to be awarding that favor with Sansa’s hand any time soon.

Arya surrounded by wolves. That’s no fun. I didn’t know why we all had to endure that scene until I watched the after-the-show blurb, which explained that Arya had let that wolf go in season one to save her from Cersei and now that the wolf, like Arya, is no longer domesticated, she can never go back to that life. Anyway, if you have to watch an explanation, I think it could have been edited out of the show.

Apparently Yara and Ellaria Sand are into each other. But oh s#$%t, Uncle Euron is here and he is CRAZY. That was like season 1-3 bloody. Come on Theon, NO!!! What a mess, but that scene moved the plot forward big time because Dany and Tyrion’s plan is no good now.

My mom is also a huge GOT fan and was confused about what happened at the end. I tried to explain, but she needlepoints during the episodes and really, that’s unacceptable. You have to pay attention, Mom!

Until next time, folks!

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