I’m bummed it’s the last episode of season 7. It all went so quickly. And now I need to find a new show to obsess over. What can possibly compare to Game of Thrones?

Reunion time! I loved seeing all these characters come together whether happily or angrily, some after a long time such as Tyrion/Cersei, Tyrion/Podrick, Brienne/Jaime, Brienne/The Hound, The Mountain/The Hound. And some for the first time like the long-awaited Cersei/Dany meeting. I hated seeing Theon cower in front of his uncle again.

YES! Littlefinger is going down. Finally! Now I’m less annoyed about the sister “feud,” however, I don’t love being tricked by show writers. It would have been better if the audience was in on what the sisters knew, but Littlefinger was in the dark. (Sort of like we, the audience, knew big hints of Jon’s real parentage at the end of last season.) We still would have been satisfied by Littlefinger’s shock at being caught for instigating the entire feud between the Starks and the Lannisters, but we would have felt less annoyed throughout the episodes leading up to the finale’s powerful scene. I loved Sansa’s reminder of Ned Stark’s wisdom that “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” It’s the perfect set up for season eight.

Speaking of the lone wolf . . .

Cersei is a total monster, but she still didn’t order the death of either of her brothers. Maybe she hopes one of them will come to her rescue if her plan with Euron Greyjoy doesn’t work. I hate that Tyrion was played for a fool again. Sigh. And is Cersei pregnant or NOT? I think not. But who knows with her.

Theon finally had his hero moment. He’s going to save Yara! (We hope.)

The love scene between Jon and Dany we’ve been waiting for was of course a bit marred by the simultaneous revelation from Bran, with Sam’s help, that Jon is the real heir to the throne and “We need to tell him.” Oh and also Dany is Jon’s aunt. So there’s that. I will not be calling him Aegon Targaryen and I hope nobody on the show will either. Did you catch the point that Robert’s entire war against the Targaryen’s which started because of Lyanna Stark’s supposed kidnapping was really for nothing? There’s a good explanation here of all that Game of Thrones backstory in the section about Jon’s birth. And it’s not a small oops. Robert became king after that!

I suppose the forgiveness conversation between Theon and Jon in which Jon says Theon can be both Stark and Greyjoy served as some nice foreshadowing for Jon’s dilemma next season about how much of the Stark heritage he can claim. But wait, I take that back because Jon’s mother was a Stark. So he IS “the dragon AND the wolf” hence the name of this episode. That title could also refer to Jon and Dany. I think some of Jon’s identity has been wrapped up in being a bastard, which he will soon learn is not the case.

And yeah, I guess the question of the real heir is beside the point. Because, OH S%^T here comes the army of the dead. #TeamHuman

I have to say the whole scene with the undead-dragon and its blue fire at The Wall and the screen full of marching dead stressed me out big time. Do we think Tormund (the red-head Wildling we all love) died? I hope not. The army is marching to Winterfell first, I assume. And we have Jon, Dany and the gang headed on a boat to Winterfell, too. Will the dragons face off against each other?


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