Pithy Movies Reviews 2012

Welcome to the movie review page. The reality of my life–4 young kids–means that most of the movies I see are the ones that appear on basic cable. There are some new releases mixed in here as well.

#1. August Rush

I’ll watch anything starring Felicity, I mean Keri Russell. This movie was good and held my attention, although there were some way-too-convenient moments needed to hold the plot together.

#2. Funny Girl

How I, a Jewish girl and life-long Streisand fan, had never seen Funny Girl is beyond me. I’ve always loved the song “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” Now that I realize it’s about Fanny Brice chasing that ne’er-do-well gambler, Nick Arnstein, I’m less impressed. Is there anything less desirable than a man who makes his living as a gambler? I had a hard time understanding the attraction.

#3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A classic “buddy” movie mixed with the “golden fleece” genre where the entire movie centers on a specific journey. Normally this kind of movie would not be my thing, but I remembered hearing about a plot twist that gave the movie heart. I remembered correctly!

#4. Must Love Dogs

A romantic comedy that I didn’t find particularly romantic or funny. I’m sure the book was much better as I’m a fan of Claire Cook and her novels. The movie fell flat though.

#5. Driving Miss Daisy

Loved! No idea how I missed this one all these years.

#6. The Jane Austen Book Club

Based on the novel by the same name that I read and loved a few years ago. Movie was fair.

#7. My Week With Marilyn

I finally saw a movie in the theater. Definitely more “character” study than plot, but really enjoyed it.

#8. The Big Chill

I didn’t like it. Am I the only one? What was the big deal about this movie?

#9. The Lorax

Saw it with my seven-year-old son. We both loved it!

#10. 17 Again

Terrible. Why do they keep making this movie over and over again?

#11. Bridget Jones Diary

LOVED it and I’m not ashamed to say it. Romantic comedy perfection.

#12. Something New

Just eh. Really dumb title.

#13. Groundhog Day

LOVED. Though, apparently I’m the last person on Earth to see this one.

#14. P.S. I Love You

Really tedious.

#15. I Love You, Man

Cute premise of a guy looking for a best friend. Actually funny. Love Paul Rudd and the guy who plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother.

#16. Catch and Release

Possibly the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year. I kept watching because I love Jennifer Garner from her Alias days. But after this one + Valentine’s Day (officially the worst movie I have EVER seen) I’m starting to stop being such a fan. Someone get this lady a decent script.

#17. Hunger Games

Loved the Hunger Games movie. Book was better, of course, but the movie was excellent. Appreciated the casting. Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci–all great in supporting roles. Loved the Capitol, the makeup and costumes. Incredible. I’d be re-reading Catching Fire now if I wasn’t trying to read 50 new books by the end of 2012.

#18. Sex and the City 2

I missed this one in the theater, and that’s probably best since it’s very long and probably part of what contributed to the atrocious reviews. And they were quite atrocious. 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yikes. I understand why people hated this one, what with the preposterous Aiden storyline and um, Abu Dabi–hello? But after such a long break from any Sex and the City anything I had a good time revisiting the girls.

#19. Atonement

Well done, but depressing. I don’t think I smiled once, not even on the inside. Also, Keira Knightley is really skinny.

#20. Mamma Mia

Live musical was better. Bet you’re not surprised.

#21. 16 Wishes

This was on the Disney Channel and it’s about teenagers, so naturally I had to TiVo it. Not that great. Maybe I’m getting too old for this stuff. (Finally)

#22. The Last Song

I watched this Nicholas Sparks adaptation with a box of tissues nearby. True to form, I needed them. It is called The LAST Song, after all. Miley was surprisingly decent.

#23. Chloe

Fantastic cast, racy premise, terrible movie. I can’t imagine how anyone got Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson to sign on for this project.

#24. Bewitched

Loved the show as a kid. The movie was terrible. Only bright spot was Shirley MacLaine.

#25. The Craigslist Killer

Creepy yet cheesy. What else would you expect from a Lifetime Original movie?

#26. The Duchess

Keira Knightley is wonderful in this period drama. Love the costumes and the romantic saga. Ralph Fiennes is excellent in the role of horrible husband. For sure my favorite movie in the past few months, but that’s not exactly saying much if you scan the few I saw before this one.

#27. Heartburn

I love Nora Ephron. So interesting to see Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson in a movie from 1986. I sang that Carly Simon song for at least two weeks after seeing this movie.

#28. Celine: The Unauthorized Story of Celine Dion

The best WORST movie I’ve ever seen. Cheesy with a capital C. Still, I might have teared up at the end during the big Titanic moment. Will not confirm.

#29. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Based on the book (which I have not read yet). Loved the movie. The cast was fantastic! I’m in love with Logan Lehrman. He was outstanding–award worthy, really.

#30. Pitch Perfect

The movie trailers for this one do not do the movie justice. It has a great story line, very good acting, and excellent music. Really loved it!

#31. What Happens in Vegas

Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz . . . I expected this one to be terrible. It was actually watchable, but I can’t say anything more exciting about it than that.

#32. Les Miserables

I laughed, I cried. Just kidding, I didn’t laugh. There is NOTHING to laugh about in Les Miserables except maybe how yucky they made Hugh’s teeth. Ick. Wait–I take that back. The innkeepers are hilarious and actually steal the show. No pun intended. Okay, let me be serious. I loved the movie, but I am a huge Broadway nerd. If you’re not a huge Broadway nerd, you might find it way too long and a more than a tad boring. Also, Russell Crowe can sing, but not with the depth and capacity needed for the role of Javert. Otherwise I thought the casting was excellent.

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