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Focus on What You Did Right Last Year

RoshHashanah2015 Nina

I find the exercise of writing down all my regrets before Rosh Hashanah rather easy. If, like me, you’re the kind of person with a high capacity for guilt, you probably find that task easy, too, since we already felt badly about it during the year. I regret contributing to any gossip. I regret listening…

Yoga, Judaism, and The Light Within

Photo via Flickr by Werner Moser

I’m on today with an article that throws together a little yoga, a bit about the upcoming holiday on the Jewish calendar called Tisha B’Av, and a little bit of Kumbaya. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone. Let me know what you think!  

Is Cultural Judaism Enough?

Photo via flickr "bagels" by Ezra Wolfe

Can a cultural Jew pass on Jewish values and identity to the next generation without any Jewish practices in the home? Or with only the bare minimum of practices and rituals, such as celebrating Hanukkah? Many people would say yes and have said yes. Many would also say no. Is there one right answer? No,…

People of The Book


I’m guessing that the average high school senior wants a gift card for a graduation present, or even better, cash. I remember being 18 and appreciating either of those options as well as any item emblazoned with my college’s name, like a pair of mesh shorts. (This was 1995!) I also liked gifts with my…

Why I Love Mahj-Jongg

mahj-jongg Nina Badzin

I’ve been meaning to write about why I love my Mahj-jongg group for several years. Well, this is finally the week! Do you play mahj-jongg or any other game with a group of friends? Do I sound like I’m 92? Come to to why I love my mahj-jongg group, and why I think groups…

Do Listen Read: Early April

Do listen read

I have not written a “Do Listen Read” post on my blog since mid February because I’ve been putting these finds in my newsletter instead. I’m still going to save certain ones for my newsletter because I genuinely feel a connection with the subscribers who let me into their inboxes. (That even sounds intimate doesn’t…

Wondering Why the Seder Survives

Photo via Flickr by dcJohn

This year in my Passover post for I think about my mostly secular childhood and the mostly secular childhood of so many Jews I knew growing up. Still, most of us had Passover Seders and continue to do so as adults. From my article: “Other than Passover, there were few rituals. There were no…

How You Spend Your Days and Your Life

how we spend our days

This week is the Jewish holiday of Purim. (It starts Wednesday night.) This is my 4th or 5th year writing about different Jewish holidays, and I always worry that as the holiday approaches I will have nothing new to say. Of course that never happens! Have you ever read the same book more than once?…