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The Story of Baby Boy Badzin

Sam's Dream Come True

The story of Baby Boy Badzin is a simple one. A little boy named Sam loved his sisters, but he asked God every night for another sibling. Then one day his parents told him a baby was coming in November. Sam, certain that his praying had worked, spent the next six months praying for a…

What to Expect: Pregnancy #4

Last moment of pregnancy #4 by Nina Badzin

1.NEW-FOUND STAMINA FOR SYMPTOMS: If you’re 98.99% sure this is the last time you’ll be pregnant, you might find yourself whimpering less about the poorly named “morning” sickness. You’ll also face the exhaustion, constipation, and heartburn like a champ because A. you’re feeling nostalgic about the finality of it all B. you’re such a pro…