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10 Resources for Bloggers and Writers

Your Cover Letter Doesn’t Matter and Other Bits of Advice From a Contest Judge

The Habit That Changed My Writing Life

Writing Books I’ve Loved

You Will Never Publish a Word (On the best writing advice from the nastiest teacher)

Writing Advice From My Husband

When Friends and Family Do Not Like (or read) Your Work (from my friendship advice column)

The War of Art


Blogging for Six Months: What I Know Now

How to Blog Without Annoying Your Friends and Family

One Year Anniversary of Blogging: Three Keys to a Blog’s Success

How to Get More Comments on Your Posts

Two Years of Blogging: Why I Still Bother

Lessons from Three Years of Blogging

Getting Work Beyond Your Blog

Celebrating Four Years of Blogging

The Myth of Blogging Turf

Blogs, I Can’t Quit You

Five Years of Blogging

Six Years of Blogging: Naming The Inner Critic



Part One: The RT vs. @reply/@mention; when to DM, other basics

Part Two: How to make and use lists on Twitter and other essential tips.

Part Three: Professionalism and best practices (some basic Twitter etiquette)

Part Four: How to thank others on Twitter (my main point: STOP over-thanking. PLEASE!)

Part Five: Why I follow you on Twitter and why I don’t.


The Science of Twitter 

The Art of Twitter

Simplifying Twitter: Be a Person, Not a Brand

How to Tweet So People Will Listen

7 Ways Twitter is a Writer’s Endless Holiday Party

Resolve to Tweet Better in 2013

Twitter Lists to the Rescue