After One Year of Bullet Journaling

I started using a Bullet Journal in February 2017, but it's close enough to a year to draw big conclusions. The first one is this: I LOVE that I have this particular kind of record of the past year. Looking through my notes after one year of Bullet Journaling was a...

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The Best 6 Books I Read in 2017

I sort of hate picking my "best books of 2017." But I do love tradition and it's tradition to choose my top reads so here we go in no particular order. To see all 50 books I read in 2017 and what I thought of them, click here. I liked and even loved WAY MORE than six....

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Do Listen Read: Early December

DO WATCH! I cannot tell you how much I loved THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL from the Gilmore Girls team. There are only eight episodes so pace yourself if you can. (I couldn't.) GIVE! I'm into two particular gifts this year. Both for myself and for others. #1. GLOSSIER: My...

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