Friendly But Not Friends

I’ve had questions (several actually, but could not use them all) at my friendship column at TheHerTake with Nina Badzin HerStories Project about how to turn an acquaintanceship into a friendship. Today’s question asks the exact opposite, which is how to stay friendly but avoid becoming actual friends (without causing damage to the “friendliness.”) Make sense? It does to me, but of course I love the minutia of relationships in all their forms.

I tried to do the dilemma justice, but as always I know (or at least I’m guessing) that the people asking for my advice like the excellent comments from readers as well. Please read the question and chime in with your two cents. Thank you!

If you’d like to ask me an anonymous question, that form is here.

And I keep a list of all the friendship dilemmas I’ve answered here

Have a good week everyone! 


People of The Book


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Shallow Friends

This week’s question at The HerStories Project comes from a woman who feels that despite having many acquaintances and social activities, she has no close friendships. She describes her friendships as shallow (the relationships, not the people). I tried to help with some practical advice, but I also felt that her question highlighted some major…

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Do Friends and Family Read Your Work?


Today’s question at The HerStories Project is from a writer and blogger wondering how to handle a close friend who is dismissive of her work. It may seem like this question and answer is specific to one profession, but it’s really for all people who feel that a close friend or family member is disinterested…

False Sense of Control

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How I Learned to Freewrite Again

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