Friendship Advice: October Column

Welcome back to HerTake: Practical Tips for Modern Connections, my advice column for the HerStories Project all about friendship. For October I answered two more questions from readers about challenging friendship situations. I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts and suggestions for the women who shared. I think many people will be able to relate to the two issues from all sides of the equation. If you want to ask an anonymous question for next month, use this link.

Also wanted to remind you that the fabulous editors of the HerStories site and essay anthologies are starting a 6-week online class on Oct 27th called “Write Your Way to a Better Blog.” There’s still space! 

HerTake with Nina Badzin


10 Resources for Writers and Bloggers

resources for writers and bloggers

#1. THE PRACTICING WRITER Erika Dreifus, author of Quiet Americans (fiction) and a professional freelance writer and book reviewer, keeps up the incredible blog The Practicing Writer. What makes Erika’s blog unique is that she only focuses on paying opportunities. Updated several times a week, Erika makes sure that her readers know about submission opportunities she’s heard…

My Thoughts on a “Jewish Christmas”

Bryan building our sukkah

Yes, it’s October, not December. And that is exactly why I have some thoughts on the real “Jewish Christmas.” Hanukkah is for amateurs! You want the real deal? Meet Sukkot. (Feast of the Tabernacles in English.) Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s a quick background on the holiday. You don’t need all the info, however, to understand why I’m calling Sukkot the real…

Friday Finds: Early October

edina mag collage

I should probably call these Thursday Finds. Alas . . .  1. The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A Novel At Great New Books I recommended The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin. My book club read it as well and it was a hit. I tried to articulate the appeal in…

Forgiveness Without the Apology

I find the easiest part of this time of year in the Jewish calendar to be the commandment to ask others for forgiveness. And that is actually not that easy, but it’s infinitely less hard than letting go of a grudge, especially when the person you are upset with has not apologized. For my Yom…

The Daily Dessert Problem

first piece at mamalode

Last year I wrote a piece for Brain, Child about the problem of “treats” in our house. I say “treats” because the word, in this context, implies an occasional something sweet or special occurrence. If occasional were indeed the case, then we wouldn’t have a problem. And all six of us who live here are…

My First Advice Column is Here

HerTake with Nina Badzin

It’s here you guys! Today is the launch of my new advice column— HerTake: Practical Tips for Modern Connections. It is a monthly column in which readers can ask me questions they have about navigating friendships in general, but especially in an era of social media, blogging, and online connections. The topic for September is “relationships in crisis…