Unfriending on Facebook

unfriend on facebookThe question for October’s friendship column is all about establishing boundaries in friendship, including on Facebook.

Do you stay Facebook friends with people who are no longer a part of your life? Do you stay Facebook friends with people IN your life who write posts that bother you in some way? Where do you draw the line? Do you know how to unfollow or restrict instead of unfriend? These are good tools to have at your disposal, but you have to know how to use them. (My column explains them all.)

Come to The HerStories Project and give this month’s letter writer your advice about making the decision to unfriend on Facebook and other friendship boundaries!


Oh! And the winner of last week’s book giveaway in honor of one year of friendship advice columns will be announced on Friday. You still have two days to enter! You get to choose any book on my reading lists, and that’s a lot of choices. 


One Year of Friendship Advice

one year friendship advice

Some time in the summer of 2014 I got an email (or was it a phone call?) from the fantastic editors at The HerStories Project asking if I wanted to start a friendship advice column at their site. Jessica and Stephanie are entrepreneurs, great editors, and compelling writers. Also, I love thinking, reading, and writing about…

Do Listen Read: Late September

Do listen read

I have not written a Do Listen Read post since June! Meanwhile, I’ve been doing, listening, and reading tons. I’m happy to share what I’ve enjoyed, which I tend to do often on my Facebook Page or in my newsletter. But certain times of the year call for these types of posts. DO & LISTEN – I…

The Danger of Envy in Friendship

Glennon Monsters

The September friendship question at The HerStories Project is all about envy. As in the past the situation may seem to apply to writers, but I know that writers are not the only creatures who feel envy towards their friends and colleagues. The essence of the letter writer’s question is this: Should friends in the same industry help…

Focus on What You Did Right Last Year

RoshHashanah2015 Nina Badzin.com

I find the exercise of writing down all my regrets before Rosh Hashanah rather easy. If, like me, you’re the kind of person with a high capacity for guilt, you probably find that task easy, too, since we already felt badly about it during the year. I regret contributing to any gossip. I regret listening…

Blogs, I Can’t Quit You

blog I can't quit you Nina Badzin

Do you still read blogs? My friend and talented writer, Vikki Reich, (whose excellent work I have shared on this blog before) asked that question this week on her site. She brought up so many good reasons about why she has found herself reading fewer blogs over time. I’ve written about the changing landscape of blogging, too, when…

To Be Read (On the Nightstand and Kindle)

Current nightstand pile and my new Kindle.

My to-be-read shelf and Kindle homepage is so out of control. I actually read quite a bit this summer, but I barely made a dent in the pile of books I want to read. For a false sense of control, I like to at least mention the books I hope to read soon. And hey, last…

Twin Cities Writing Studio: Write With Me!

So many of us make time to exercise our bodies, but what about our minds? We’ll invest in classes at a yoga studio or join a gym. But if you’re passionate about writing (even if you’ve never made time in the past) wouldn’t it be cool to join a small community dedicated to establishing a…