Theme For Today Is The Last

Today’s theme is “the last” for two reasons.

#1. Let’s talk about birth order.

Too often in the past few years I’ve felt guilty about what Nate, our youngest of four, misses out on by NOT being the first (or even the second or the third) in our family to reach any particular milestone. Recently, however, I decided to change my focus, and it’s made such a difference. I hope you’ll read “This is What The Last Child Gets” at Brain, Child Magazine, not only because I really love this blog post, but also because it’s my last regular one for Brain, Child.

#2. A New Writing Chapter

In case you skimmed #1, I’ll repeat it here. Today is my last day posting as a regular columnist at Brain, Child. It’s been such a great year writing essays for Brain, Child’s site, and I could not have been more honored to be part of the team since last summer. Of all the writing I did this year, most of my favorite pieces were for Brain, Child. The full list is here, but I’d love to mention a few:

“The Society of Late Night Readers”

“Where I’m From”

“The Books of Summers Past”

“I Enable My Kids’ Helplessness”

As Brain, Child gets ready to welcome new voices for a new year, I have some other ideas cooking and simmering. I’ll also have more time to see where those ideas go. As I discussed last week in “Things I Don’t Write About On The Internet,” I’m getting less comfortable writing about my kids, which is forcing me to turn my attention to other subjects. I’m REALLY excited to explore where all this will lead me in the upcoming school year. (Yes, I think in school years for myself as well as my for my kids.)

Thanks for following along so far no matter where I’m writing! You know I have your back, too. And don’t forget to read my last post at Brain, Child! How can you even considering resisting that face below?

What the last child gets


Topics I Avoid In My Writing

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