Where We Are From

I’ve been writing for Brain, Child Magazine since August, and today marks the publication of essay #20. TWENTY! This week’s, at least for today, is my favorite, and it’s called “Where I’m From.”  

I discovered the “Where I’m From” template from Galit Breen, whose beautiful version was recently published in Mamalode. After reading Galit’s piece about her history and the original George Ella Lyon poem, my mind was filled with images of the people and places that made up my childhood in Highland Park, Illinois, where my parents still live in the same house where I was raised. I immediately wanted to complete the exercise myself, which I hope, like Galit’s, makes you think of your own family as well as the friends, places, foods, and passing moments that made up your earliest years.

Thanks for taking the time to click over! 

Brain Child Magazine "Where I'm From" by Nina Badzin

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