Wondering Why the Seder Survives

This year in my Passover post for Tcjewfolk.com I think about my mostly secular

Photo via Flickr by dcJohn

Photo via Flickr by dcJohn

childhood and the mostly secular childhood of so many Jews I knew growing up. Still, most of us had Passover Seders and continue to do so as adults.

From my article: “Other than Passover, there were few rituals. There were no Shabbat candles, no Friday night dinners, no Havdalah candles, no sukkah, and no Hanukkah candles after the third or fourth night. There was no special cleaning for Passover. There was, however, a Seder every year.
Of course there was a Seder.”

Why, do you think, the Seder survives even when so many other Jewish customs in a family fall away?

I have some thoughts (of course!) but I’d like to hear from you.

See you there! 

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