The Review Review: Tips for Writers

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.37.57 PMOy! It’s been a busy week around here. You know I rarely post two days in a row.

So, after finishing my first stint as a judge for
a short story contest (at Mash Stories), I felt that experiencing the other side of the submission process yielded several lessons I wanted to share with my writer friends.

Soon after, I heard from Susan Maccarelli, who runs the very useful site Beyond Your Blog, that The Review Review was looking for submissions for their site. I’ve long used The Review Review as a resource when deciding where to send my stories and essays. It’s a thrill to see my own tips now among the other bits of advice and reviews of literary magazines.

The Review ReviewCheck it out! I hope my experience helps. And, yes, it was pretty cool being on that side of Submittable for once.

AND in case you missed it yesterday, I had a piece at The Good Men Project for the first time. Would love to see you there, too!



The Good Men Project


I’m honored to have a post on The Good Men Project today! It’s about Bryan and an aspect of our marriage that I have discussed before. Hint: It involves the fact that we rarely travel and how we make the best of the time we can steal for ourselves anyway. It’s my first time at The Good…

Acquaintances vs. Friends

HerTake with Nina Badzin

There is a fine line between an acquaintance and a friend. The difference may seem obvious, but the blurry boundaries between them are more complicated than they seem at first glance as you continue to run into the same people over and over again and develop a rapport and even a routine. There are so…

Do Listen Read: Mid January

Do listen read

Last month I officially changed my “Friday Finds” (which rarely came on Fridays) to the new and improved “Do Listen Read” format, which allows me to play with timing. Of course today is actually Friday. But it doesn’t have to be!  Here’s some good stuff I’ve found over the past few weeks: DO – I’ve…

Modern Loss

Modern Loss

Today I’m honored and humbled to have a piece up on Modern Loss. Created at the end of 2013 by the talented journalists Gabi Birkner and Rebecca Soeffer, Modern Loss earned a great deal of press from the get-go from the New York Times, NPR, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and elsewhere for the innovative way Birkner, Soeffer,…

New Year, New Problems

Midlife Blvd

A new year means new problems to solve. Yes, by problem, I mean “problem,” as it goes without saying that the problems I speak of are goods ones to have. #1. MIDLIFE BLVD. (Last Year’s Problem) Last year, I tackled an issue that mattered to me (and only me)–Making enough time to write. Anyone who read…

Making Plans That Leave Out Some Friends

HerTake with Nina Badzin

Happy New Year! A new season of friendship questions begins at The HerStories Project where I  will now answer one question every two weeks. The anonymous form is here. The first question of 2015 comes from a mother-in-law whose daughter-in-law is worried about making plans with some of her friends while knowingly leaving out others. It’s…

Turning 38

photo via flickr by Droid Gingerbread

Today is my birthday. I’m grateful to be turning 38! Although as a kid I hated having my birthday during winter break, I appreciate the timing now. With the kids out of school we can have a lazy morning and spend the first few hours of the day in our pajamas. Can’t complain about a slower pace…