Friday Finds: Favorite Fashion Blog, Core Power, and More


I’m really loving Minneapolis fashion blogger Chelsea Lane, who I discovered when one of my favorite local boutiques, Parc, mentioned Chelsea’s Zipped Blog on their fabulous Instagram account. I like other fashion sites like Atlantic-Pacific, but that genre is a bit high-fashion for my Midwestern, mom of four, and writer lifestyle.

Chelsea features casual styles, which are the kinds of items I would actually wear at price points that are more realistic, too. She seems to love stripes, which I’m drawn to as well. I’ve never met her and she’s never been to my blog, so if you happen upon this when Googling yourself, Chelsea, welcome! I’m way older than you, but I appreciate everything about your site, and I enjoy following you on Instagram. Thanks for creating a fashion blog that feels accessible to a mom like me, yet inspiring at the same time. As in, I’m inspired to put on something other than my workout clothes. And yes, on that subject, I went to that horrible Lululemon warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I’m guessing you were smarter than that.


I make a batch of merengue cookies every year around Passover (when we can’t eat grains). Merengue cookies are basically egg whites, sugar, and a few other ingredients. Getting the texture right can be tricky though. This year I made a recipe that looked good on Pinterest when I put in the search term “chocolate chip merengue.” I compared a few recipes and this one on looked the best. They came out perfectly. You can replace the chocolate chips with pecans or walnuts or just make them plain. They’re best made the same day you’re serving them. These would be nice for Easter, too!

merengue cookie recipe from

This is my photograph from Monday. The pictures on the Gimme Some Oven site are much prettier.



I still read every night, but waking up at 5AM five days a week has put a major dent in my pace. I’m so happy that I’ve finally learned to appreciate the genius of audio books, which has improved my driving woes immensely (something I discussed in detail in last week’s column on Brain, Child Magazine’s site). I realized from the get-go that I could listen at the 1.25 speed, which is perfect for me as it’s exactly how I talk. I don’t think I have the patience to listen at the regular speed (1.0) because I would be reading faster than that if I had the book in my hands. So far I’ve listened to:

  • The Kitchen House (SO good)
  • The Invention of Wings (Very good)
  • A David Sedaris show (Can you believe I had NEVER heard his voice before!?)
  • Orphan Train (Currently listening. It’s REALLY good.)


I’ve read some good ones lately, and the full list is here. For a break from all the serious stuff, I read Dave Barry’s newest collection of essays and really enjoyed it though Bryan wasn’t crazy about my random snickering as he tried to fall asleep. I also loved the young adult novel Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. And I’ve been reading parts of The Most of Nora Ephron, which contains everything of hers I’ve already read, but also her blog posts in The Huffington Post that I’d never seen before.


Brain, Child is running interviews each week with the ten of us featured in their first book, This is Childhood.  The interview with me is up now!


Photo of yoga mat by Whitney via Flickr

Photo of yoga mat by Whitney via Flickr


I took a month off of my gym, Lifetime Fitness, to enjoy yoga and nothing but yoga. I’m only a few weeks into the change of scenery at Core Power Yoga. It’s been really nice to get back into a studio type of workout, which is a much faster in and out experience than a big gym. I’m definitely not a hard core yogi though. Lifetime has way more options, and I love my favorite teacher there, Heather, so I will definitely go back. I will probably write about the month of yoga when it’s over. Oddly enough, my reviews of barre are the highest viewed posts on this site. I’m sure if I did a Core Power Yoga vs. barre post it would be SEO heaven. (That’s some technical talk for you non-bloggers.)

Hope you all have a great end of week! Happy Easter to all who are celebrating and a continued Happy Passover to my fellow members of the tribe. On Wednesday I’ll be back with my newest in Brain, Child, which might be my favorite one so far. See you then.



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