Yoga, Judaism, and The Light Within

I’m on today with an article that throws together a little yoga, a bit about the upcoming holiday on the Jewish calendar called Tisha B’Av, and a little bit of Kumbaya. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone. Let me know what you think!

Photo via Flickr by Werner Moser

Photo via Flickr by Werner Moser


Dropped From a Group of Friends

HerTake with Nina Badzin

Has a friend ever cut you out of her life? Has an entire group ever dropped you? This week’s friendship question at The HerStories Project comes from a college student who has been frozen out by a group of friends. Can you add to the advice that I gave her? If you’d like to ask me…

Mid Year Favorites: Books, TV, Movies

Odd Mom Out

Thank you to my friend, Lindsey Mead, for reminding me that in other years I’ve written a mid-year favorite books post. It’s hard to believe July is here, which means there’s no denying that the year is half over. Time for my favorites! HOWEVER, I’m not just focusing on favorite books for this post. I’ve read 32…

The Books That Define Summer

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.10.24 AM

Certain types of people remember summer defining books the way others remember summer defining songs. I am one of the book people. Actually, I might be both types. (Summer, 1993, every song on Indigo Girls’ Rites of Passage album.) Anyway, I’m on The Mid this week talking about some of the summer defining books I remember…

Tired of Getting Picked Last

Ask Nina a Question

Hello! Today’s friendship advice question at The HerStories Project comes from a woman who feels that a particular friend only seeks her out when her “real” friends are busy, and she’s tired of being the last call. I hope that readers will chime in, too. Please check out, “Only When Her Real Friends Are Busy” which I…

Meeting Blogging Friends

Meeting Allie from while she and her family made a stop in Minneapolis on their road trip.

A huge perk of the blogging world is the relationships we writers form with each other. In the realm of online friendships, writers tend to jump quickly from “first base.” If we feel a connection, we may transition within weeks from commenting on each other’s blogs, to becoming Facebook friends on our personal pages, to writing private messages…

Do Listen Read: Nightstand Edition

Do listen read

DO – Come to my challah baking class if you live in the Twin Cities! I will have more dates to share soon. My co-leader, Tzipporah Leah Kalatsky, and I were featured in a gallery spread in Edina Magazine. We have held 14 classes in my kitchen since September 2014. That is A LOT of…

Speak Up or Stay Out of It

Ask Nina a Question

I’m back on The HerStories Project this week with a challenging question to answer. How do you deal with friends or family members who make offensive generalizations or outright racist comments? Today’s question deals with that exact issue, and it’s a tough one. Our letter writer wants to know when she should should speak up…