A Spark and The Star Tribune

So a photographer from the Minneapolis Star Tribune came over last night and this happened today in the Metro section.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Why my family?

The reason they chose our family is not because I write about Judaism and parenting. Well, I suppose indirectly that was the reason. My very well connected fellow former cast member of Listen to Your Mother (2013 cast), Elisa Bernick, knows the person who was looking for a family and she suggested us. Elisa knows I write about those topics and that we would have a nice number of kids to photograph. For the Star Tribune, however, that was only a nice coincidence. Obviously I told Renee, the very nice photographer, about my blog. I’m not sure if she wrote the copy under the photo, but I love it, and I’m grateful.

Ten points for social media and a final thought about Hanukkah for this year.

Say what you want about the disconnectedness that can happen with social media, but there IS immeasurable connection, too. I was incredibly moved last night as I scrolled through Facebook and saw so many menorahs and so many families passing on our tradition to the next generation. I rarely say anything heartfelt on Facebook, but I wrote this:

If I’ve learned anything tonight on Facebook it’s that I have a lot of Jewish Facebook friends. Those Hanukkah lights are shining bright. Feeling proud and part of something special. What lights me up? This! Our community, near and far.

I really meant that! I think I’ve succeeded in my goal to stop being a Hanukkah downer. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate and either way may you think about what lights up your life, who lights it up, and how we can create more positive sparks in the world.

Nina :)

Wondering About Other Writers

Remnants of Childhood by D. Sharon Pruitt

Last week my friend, Kristen M. Ploetz, wrote a post called “Nine Things I Wonder About Other Writers.” She encouraged readers to answer in the comments, but of course I couldn’t stop myself from responding in a blog post. I know that my friend, Lindsey Mead, had the same reaction and is also answering those questions on her…

What Lights You Up?

What's Lights You Up For Hanukkah 2014 photo by Nina Badzin

What lights you up? I love that question so much. It’s just right for this season if you want to put some deeper thought into Hanukkah. (Probably works for all the winter holidays, really.) It’s taken me a long time to get to this mindset for Hanukkah to tell you the truth. When it was a time…

Friendship Intensity

HerTake with Nina Badzin

I answered two excellent questions for December’s friendship advice column over at The HerStories Project. Although both questions were completely different situations, they came down one essential and similar problem: How do you change the intensity of a friendship? I think it’s great when readers chime in to help, too, so please don’t be shy with your…

An Improvement to My Marriage

14 years of marraige

Tomorrow Bryan and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage. I was 23 on that day in early December, 2000, when I walked down the aisle to meet Bryan (27 at the time) waiting under the chuppah. Sometimes when I see pictures from our wedding day I think, “Whoa, we’re lucky that worked out. We were…

Friday Finds: Late November

favorite quote and my journals

NEWS Starting in January I’ll be doing the HerTake friendship column twice a month so keep those anonymous questions coming! November’s question and answer is here if you missed it. Next radio spot on the Jordana Green show will be on December 10th! GOOD READS The first good read is the great quote in the photo. Those…

November Friendship Advice

HerTake with Nina Badzin

I’ve been getting some great questions for my HerTake friendship advice column over at The HerStories Project. I’m always taking new questions so feel free to try me! But the question I chose for November required such a detailed answer that I decided not to add a second one for this post. (And that was hard,…

Friday Finds: Texts With Bryan

some texts with bryan

#1. THE PERFECT COFFEE TUMBLER I had a recent text exchange with my husband, Bryan, that was so typical “Bryan” it felt worth sharing. Bryan is often a central voice on my blog, even if it is behind the scenes. He thinks through every decision very carefully, which is why when I’m uncertain about a…