Why I Love Walking for Exercise Again

I’ve had episodes of exercise devotion over the years. In the early 90s I tackled Cindy Crawford videos, then Step Aerobics, roller blading, and the Buns of Steel series. Decades later, after my third baby, I got hooked on Pilates. And according to Google, the most popular post on my personal blog is about the year after baby #4 when I became an accidental evangelist for Barre classes.

Despite how it sounds, I’m not an exercise fanatic . . .

READ “The Summer I Rediscovered the Virtues of a Walk” AT BRAIN, CHILD MAGAZINE about why I took a break from the gym and learned to love walking for exercise again. I love walking with friends, with my husband, with my kids, or alone! North Shore Chicago folks will also appreciate the nod to The Green Bay Trail and Sheridan Road.

what I love about walking

The Best Books of 2014 So Far

best books midyear nina badzin

  I’ve read or listened to almost 30 books already this year. I’m about five books ahead of my normal reading pace, which I attribute to the fact that I finally added audio books to the mix. My only complaint about audio books is that on the occasion I want to “highlight” a few lines, I have to stop…

Meet The Vines: Relativity, Cathedral, Monkey

Meet the Vines on mash stories.com by Nina Badzin

Every so often I take a break from writing true things and return to the original passion that brought me to the writing world–fiction. In other words, sometimes I need to make stuff up. Recently, I entered a short story contest at Mash Stories with the following two rules: The story had to be 500 words or…

Friday Finds: Midsummer Edition

Anne Lamott quote

Here are my MIDSUMMER FRIDAY FINDS. This time organized by category. FOR AN INSPIRING READ “A Mother’s Seventeen-Year-Old Secret” There’s a writer in Minneapolis named Julie Burton, who has become a close friend of mine over the past year. Neither of us is sure how we went this long without knowing each other as we have many acquaintances…

How We Celebrate The Fourth of July

July 4th, 2013

The Fourth of July is not a Jewish holiday, but my heritage and my husband’s heavily influences the way we “observe” this particular American celebration. Not everyone will agree with our view, but I hope you’ll read about it anyway. Come see what I mean by “observe” and let me know what you do on The Fourth. I’m…