False Sense of Control

I’m up on The Mid with a piece about how I used to obsess over decisions like what The Mid Nina Badzinstroller to get, what to pick out for crib bedding, and other very obviously unimportant matters. Was it all really about strollers or crib bedding? Of course not.

Those obsessions were an exercise in a false sense of CONTROL.

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ALSO! Did you know I’m doing a regular advice segment LIVE on The Jordana Green WCCO radioShow on CBS WCCO radio (channel 830 in the Twin Cities)?

Last week Jordana and I talked about whether married people can maintain friendships with people of the opposite sex and/or make new opposite sex friends.

This week (around the 18 minute mark) Jordana and I spoke about whether or not friends and colleagues should discuss their salaries.

I keep an updated list of the podcasts here.

How I Learned to Freewrite Again

Jena Schwartz class

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Does Marriage Mean the End of Certain Friendships?

Ask Nina a Question

Hello friendship advice seekers, advice givers, and those who just like to read about the topic. I’m back for April with a really good question from a married woman who works from home and misses the chance to have close guy friends (or at least one). Does marriage mean the end of certain types of friendships?…

Review: Better Than Before


It’s my turn to pick the weekly recommendation for Great New Books, and I chose Gretchen Rubin’s newest book, Better Than Before. Come see why! 

Do Listen Read: Early April

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Wondering Why the Seder Survives

Photo via Flickr by dcJohn

This year in my Passover post for Tcjewfolk.com I think about my mostly secular childhood and the mostly secular childhood of so many Jews I knew growing up. Still, most of us had Passover Seders and continue to do so as adults. From my article: “Other than Passover, there were few rituals. There were no…

Regretting a Friendship

HerTake with Nina Badzin

Today’s HerTake question at The HerStories Project comes from a woman who is regretting a friendship after letting a relationship with a neighbor get too close too quickly and now must find a way to establish better boundaries. I gave some advice, including research about what makes friends click in the first place and how those “click…

Couple Friends, Childhood Friends, and The Mid

The Mid

Have you heard of the new website The Mid? When it first appeared on the scene, I found myself excitedly clicking various links, astounded that I could relate to so many of the articles. Then I eventually read the intro post and realized that “The Mid” refers generally to people born in the 70s. I…