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A Crabby Attitude For Passover


Today I’m on Kveller.com with a very honest article about why Passover is my least favorite holiday. I think it might get some negative comments, but I’m okay with that. I wish I had a better attitude about the holiday, but it’s a tough one for me spiritually. In a time when we should be talking about…

An Ode to Smitten Kitchen

book tour Smitten Kitchen

I love cookbooks, and I really like to cook. I won’t say I love to cook because I don’t. Cooking is a lot of work. What I love is to eat. And I love to feed my husband and kids and to serve friends and extended family a feast for Friday night dinners (the Jewish…

Calling all Balebustas

The Badzin Sukkah 2010

Not too long ago I felt overwhelmed by every aspect of cooking and entertaining. Then, in a relatively short amount of time, I became a Shabbat-dinner-making, Sukkah-decorating, Seder-creating, full-fledged balebusta. Balebusta, roughly translated as a “praise-worthy homemaker” is the Yiddish term for the absolute last thing I would have predicted for my adult life. ….

My Grandma Suzie’s Brownies

Brownie batter by Nina Badzin

I’m so excited that the authors from the gorgeous cooking site Writing up an Appetite asked me to contribute a post. I’ve never written a “foodie” post before, but I love to cook (and eat). So please join me at their sumptuous blog if you want access to the best brownie recipe EVER. I’m not exaggerating….