Today’s HerTake question at The HerStories Project comes from a woman who is regretting a friendship after letting a relationship with a neighbor get too close too quickly and now must find a way to establish better boundaries.

I gave some advice, including research about what makes friends click in the first place and how those “click accelerators” can be deceiving. For example, living nearby and sharing the same interests may create the perfect chemistry at first, but it takes time to really know a person and assuming a good match too quickly can definitely make it harder to keep the boundaries you really want.

Do you have advice for “Suffering From Friendship Regret?” Come read about her situation and see if you can help based on your own experiences.

I discussed the question last night on CBS WCCO with host Jordana Green. Podcast is below. Don’t mind the spelling of Badzin! 

That would "Badzin" but close enough!

That would be “Badzin” but close enough!

And always feel free to ask an anonymous question of your own!

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