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I want to discuss the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, but I must warn you, there are many spoilers below. We can’t have a proper Gilmore Girls review without talking about everything that happened. If you clicked on this post and are a big GG fan, don’t read on until you’ve watched all four episodes of “A Year in The Life.”

Most of my notes come from, “Fall,” the final of the four episodes, but they take all the episodes into account.

This is a bit of random rambling. Stick with me.

The first part of “Winter:” That was confusing, right? Rory is in London. Then back in Stars Hollow. Then London again. When she’s first in Stars Hollow it seems like she hasn’t been there in ages, but we know she must have been there for Richard’s funeral, which we learn was four months earlier. Huh?

Richard: Every reference to him was perfect. I loved him so much, and I’m glad he was still a big presence. The flashbacks while Rory is writing at her grandparents’ house made me cry.

Paris: She was classic and exactly like I imagined she would be, the career move and all. It was fun to see her and Rory back at Chilton. Loved Doyle, too.

Paul: I hated the Paul storyline from the moment he appeared and it never improved. It was a not-funny joke that never ended until the last scene of the last episode. Really, it took that long!

Michel: He was so great . And they gave him lots of screen time. Loved the scene when he’s interviewing his replacements and he says to the first guy, “Played Rolfe in The Sound of Music one too many times?” Michel had too many great lines to remember.

The Broadway show:  Oy, that went on way too long for me, but I do love Sutton Foster so most (not all) is forgiven. Do you watch Younger? It’s one of my favorite shows now. As if the long musical wasn’t bad enough, then we had to endure the long meeting Taylor conducted afterwards.

Logan: I don’t think it was properly addressed that Logan is ENGAGED. Yes, it’s mentioned many times, but there is no good explanation provided for why Logan is still with the french girl when he so clearly loves Rory. And why does Rory allow herself to be in this kind of relationship? She and Logan seem great together. He’s not married yet. There are no children yet. Why are Rory and Logan not together? But how can we possibly feel good about Logan now that we’ve seen him treat his fiancé this way? Sigh. And is he the father of Rory’s baby? He has to be, right? Ugh. Also, this is clearly not the end of the series. No show can end on that note. I do not accept that final scene as the end. Nope.

A quick comment about the scene with Logan and his friends coming to take Rory out for the night. I love the friends and always did in the Yale years. I didn’t like that we couldn’t tell whether the whole thing was a dream until halfway through the segment though.

The WILD storyline: At first I was annoyed by the Wild storyline, but as it went on, I liked seeing Lorelei somewhere other than Stars Hollow, other parts of Connecticut, or at Yale visiting Rory. And I liked seeing her with other women her age! I mean, we all love Patty and Babette, but wasn’t it refreshing to see her interact with age appropriate people? The phone call Lorelei makes to Emily with her favorite Richard memory made the whole trip for me (as a viewer) worthwhile. And I LOVE that she ditches the backpack and goes back to civilization. And back to Luke. Then Luke’s speech about how he will fight for her is the best thing ever. That he already had a ring? Loved it.

Emily: Kelly Bishop is the best actress on this show, and I was pleased to see her get so many scenes. Emily sans Richard is exactly how I imagined it would be. She’s sad, angry, and lonely, and Amy and Daniel (the writers) did what they rightfully needed to do with her story.

Before this revival, have we ever seen Emily anywhere other than her house or occasionally in Stars Hollow? I love that Emily has Berta and Berta’s family with her everywhere. Then it’s sweet how Emily takes care of Berta. Emily in Nantucket is a nice idea. I hope she meets a worthy guy or a great group of girlfriends. The image of her there alone felt, well, lonely.

Emily at the D.A.R. meeting! Although it was fun to see her speak some truth, I actually found it uncomfortable to see her so unhinged. “This whole thing is dead to me anyway. It died with Richard.” THAT was a great line. Are we meant to believe that Emily only did the society stuff for Richard and that in Nantucket she will find different sorts of friends? Does that mean during her entire marriage she wasn’t true to herself at all? I’d rather believe that the life she built with Richard made sense at the time, but now she has a chance to try things a different way.

The relationship between Emily and Lorelei has always been the most interesting one to me. There is so much love and rejection on both sides and watching them flip flop between that love and resentment was well done. The full circle of Lorelei asking for the money for the Dragon Fly expansion by agreeing to the Nantucket visits was just right.

Rory: I couldn’t stand the roaming/flailing around lost for 3.5 episodes (though I could relate to it). I loved when she started writing her book. Gilmore Girls, it’s perfect. I really think it is, no matter how cheesy some reviewers will probably say it is.

Miss Celine! Fun appearance by a totally minor character. Good line: “Kirk Douglas taught me that. That and the hora.”

Christopher: Probably could have done more with him. But what? I don’t know.

Dean: looked good! That said, he was never my favorite, and I wanted to fast forward their conversation. Snore.

Sookie: I’m not buying that Sookie was gone for two years, including while Richard died, and Lorelei is not even a little upset? I’m even upset!

Jess: I didn’t like Jess in the original series, but I loved him in the new version. He gave Rory the book idea, and he’s a stable family member for Luke. The final longing look on Jess’s face as he looks through the window . . . I don’t know, guys. I think I’m finally team Jess.

Wedding plans: The step on the glass question. “We’re not Jewish.” “Aren’t we?” Ha! The wedding night is very sweet, but I wanted Emily there. Makes sense that Michel is there as a witness and not Sookie, considering the two-year abandonment. Not sure why Lane is there for the private ceremony. Was April invited at all?

Luke: He was perfect. Glad he’s not expanding the diner. It makes way more sense for The Dragon Fly Inn to expand.

DID I LIKE IT? Well, yes and no. I loved seeing all the characters and Stars Hollow. But I didn’t hate season 7 as much as the critics did and I was okay with where it ended back then. Rory was on her way to a great adventure on the campaign bus. Richard and Emily had attended Rory’s surprise going away party in Stars Hollow, where Richard delivered the perfect line: “It takes a remarkable person to inspire all this.” Now with this addition I feel I have to know what happens next. And really, that Broadway show and some of the trippy stuff with Logan’s friends . . . what was that about? I have to just end this post now, abruptly, like Gilmore Girls did to us. I suppose I will start watching The Crown next.

What do the rest of you have to say? 

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