SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this post unless you have watched episode one of season 7 of Game of Thrones.

I am a Game of Thrones fanatic, but I was late to the “game” and ended up watching the first six seasons last spring in the binge of all binges. Now that I’m watching the current season week by week like a regular person, I’m excited to talk about the show with others who are watching on the same schedule.

It’s too hard to write coherent paragraphs so I’m doing this somewhat free-thought style and generally chronological like I did with the Netflix additional season of Gilmore Girls.

Arya: The opening moment with Frey addressing his soldiers was confusing at first, because didn’t he die in the last season? Then it all makes sense as his congratulations to his soldiers subtly shifts to criticism for their blind cruelty. Arya is SO kickass in that scene! I loved seeing her put those long-honed skills to work rather than having to watch her sweep the temple like she did so often last season. “Tell them winter came for House Frey,” Arya says to the one remaining living person in the room. YOU GO, ARYA!

Bran’s vision: Shoot, the giant is a white walker now. That’s not good. I’m relieved Bran and Meera found somewhere to go for now!

Jon Snow: Watching Jon take the lead of The North is fabulous, though I agree with Sansa that he can sometimes overlook other dangers. “I’m consumed with The Night King because I’ve seen him,” he says. Well, that’s fair. It IS like nobody other than Jon and Sam take the white walkers seriously. Although later The Hound sees a vision in the fire of the white walkers marching. We do see that the gang of fire-worshippers he’s with now know the danger of the white walkers, too.

Sansa: The power play issues between and Jon and Sansa are interesting. I’m worried she’s going to do something regrettable with Little Finger by her side. Let’s hope NOT. Side note: I really love Brienne

Cersei and Jaime: As usual Jaime comes off as the human of the two. I thought there’d be more to say about the happenings in King’s Landing, but all went exactly as expected. Jaime wants to mourn their children; Cersei is like, they’re dead, we’re alive. Let’s move on. 

Euron Greyjoy: I always found the House Greyjoy crew hard to follow. Obviously I know who Theon and his sister Yara are since they got so much airtime, but it got murky after that. When Euron, their uncle, goes to see Cersei, I had to Google some Greyjoy history to remember where he fit into the picture. Did anyone else think he looked a lot like Theon? Good casting! And I do wonder what the “precious gift” for Cersei will be.

The Hound: Seeing The Hound deal with his guilt about the farmer and the daughter he had stolen from was touching. Also interesting to see The Hound come around on the religion piece as he has his own vision in the fire. I can’t remember who the two guys are that he’s hanging around with, but I will Google that later.

Sam: I love him. Didn’t love the barfing scenes. That was a creepy moment when Jorah sticks his icky arm out and asks if The Dragon Queen has arrived yet. We also saw Sam learn there’s dragon glass underneath Westeros.

Daenerys: I LOVE the moment Daenerys Stormborn arrives in Westeros. “Shall we begin?” BEST MOMENT EVER.

Let’s meet here again next week, fellow Game of Thrones fans! 

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