Here are my thoughts while watching Games of Thrones, season 7, episode 4. My first thought at the end was holy s##&$&%t, which went through my head while my mouth was hanging open for five minutes. But for a more nuanced version see the details below. (If interested, you can see what I shared for episodes one, two, and three.)

FIELD BY HIGHGARDEN: The scene cuts straight to a close up of the gold in the wagon being transported to Cersei in King’s Landing and the Iron Bank guy. I don’t have good feelings about that gold making it there. Cersei is too desperate for it, which usually bodes poorly in this GOT world. Bronn is finally getting some of what he was offered, though not a castle. Jaime seems stressed throughout the scene.

WINTERFELL: I honestly cannot stand Littlefinger’s accent. Bran’s seriousness is a little creepy, but we start to understand he is less and less Bran and more and more just a mish-mosh of all that he’s seen. It was nice to see Meera again even though Bran can’t emotionally connect with her anymore. I was excited for the Arya/Sansa reunion, but it actually got a little boring down there in the crypt while they were speaking. Cut to Jon Snow already!

WESTEROS: My wish was granted. The cave scene was really cool, though hard to see. We could have used a few more characters carrying torches. I like the ancient mythology/history of the Children of the Forest + Humans vs. the Whitewalkers. I really wanted Jon and Dany to kiss in that cave, but I guess that wouldn’t be great storytelling. We’re going to have to wait a long time for that if it’s ever going to happen. And yes, I know they’re technically cousins or aunt/nephew or something, but that doesn’t matter in this universe. Anyone know exactly how they’re related? I’m too lazy to Google it again. Meanwhile, Dany is all, “I will fight for the North when you . . . ” wait for it . . .  “bend the knee.” He’s like, “Still no.”

Then poor Tyrion and Varys have to deliver the bad news that they are losing the war big time. Tyrion is desperate for Dany to stay with the strategy and not use the dragons or the big army. Jon agrees and says she should be different and not just be the same city burning leader as the people have always known. Dany is unsure about that advice and also suspicious that Tyrion is trying to spare his family.

WINTERFELL: I didn’t like Littlefinger knowing what a good fighter Arya is. Seems it would have been best for her to keep that under wraps. I always love Brienne, who is all honor all the time.

QUICKLY BACK TO WESTEROS: We have some conversation between Jon, Missandei, and Davos. Then just Jon and Davos. Can I be honest? There’s too much dialogue and I can’t always understand what the heck they’re talking about. And then Theon is back (!!!) and he’s shocked to see Jon, who has the same mixed feelings about him that we viewers have. Theon betrayed the Starks, but he also helped Sansa escape, and he was tortured so terribly by that psycho, Ramsey, so we kind of feel like he paid for his mistakes and then some. Anyway, Theon wants Dany’s help getting his sister back. Jon tells Theon (and us), “The Queen is gone.”

BACK TO THE FIELD FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE: We get to know Dickon, who is peeved about all the Tyrell soldiers who died. There’s a long conversation going on until Bronn hears the horses coming. Oh s$%&&t!!! We’ve got Dothraki in the house, gentlemen, and things are as bloody and terrible as we remember from the first few seasons. I actually closed my eyes for some of this. The war cries of the Dothraki and the blood bath we know will follow is bad enough, but then there’s the dragon coming and all the burning bodies.The brutality of the scene cannot be overstated. On a lighter note, the thing Dany says to the dragon so it will spit fire reminds of a Harry Potter spell. Anyone else?

Tyrion watching on the sideline seems likes an important potential plot point as well as a character study moment. He loves his brother and does not want to see him killed and I think he truly recoils at Dany’s ability to cause this much destruction. Brann has the wherewithal to use the new anti-dragon contraption and it does halt the fire breathing for a bit.

AND O.M.G. that ending. Jaime is going to take his shot at the dragon and at Dany. Tyrion silently (well we can hear it so not “silently”) begs him not to be an idiot. I think we can assume Jaime survives. Does Bronn? Surely Bronn deserves a castle NOW! Does Dany take Jaime for a hostage? Is Jaime burned at all? Can you imagine how angry and vengeful Cersei will be?

Oy vey, now we have to wait a week. Until next time, folks.

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