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Modern Loss

Modern Loss

Today I’m honored and humbled to have a piece up on Modern Loss. Created at the end of 2013 by the talented journalists Gabi Birkner and Rebecca Soeffer, Modern Loss earned a great deal of press from the get-go from the New York Times, NPR, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and elsewhere for the innovative way Birkner, Soeffer,…

Do Listen Read: Late December

Do listen read

Thanks to my friend Rivki Silver for helping me brainstorm a new name for my “Friday Finds” since I never posted them on Fridays. COOK Make it Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook: I love Ina Garten’s books! I won her latest at my book club’s holiday party. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I definitely will….

What Lights You Up?

What's Lights You Up For Hanukkah 2014 photo by Nina Badzin

What lights you up? I love that question so much. It’s just right for this season if you want to put some deeper thought into Hanukkah. (Probably works for all the winter holidays, really.) It’s taken me a long time to get to this mindset for Hanukkah to tell you the truth. When it was a time…

An Improvement to My Marriage

14 years of marraige

Tomorrow Bryan and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage. I was 23 on that day in early December, 2000, when I walked down the aisle to meet Bryan (27 at the time) waiting under the chuppah. Sometimes when I see pictures from our wedding day I think, “Whoa, we’re lucky that worked out. We were…

Friday Finds: Texts With Bryan

some texts with bryan

#1. THE PERFECT COFFEE TUMBLER I had a recent text exchange with my husband, Bryan, that was so typical “Bryan” it felt worth sharing. Bryan is often a central voice on my blog, even if it is behind the scenes. He thinks through every decision very carefully, which is why when I’m uncertain about a…

My Thoughts on a “Jewish Christmas”

Bryan building our sukkah

Yes, it’s October, not December. And that is exactly why I have some thoughts on the real “Jewish Christmas.” Hanukkah is for amateurs! You want the real deal? Meet Sukkot. (Feast of the Tabernacles in English.) Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s a quick background on the holiday. You don’t need all the info, however, to understand why I’m calling Sukkot the real…

Forgiveness Without the Apology

I find the easiest part of this time of year in the Jewish calendar to be the commandment to ask others for forgiveness. And that is actually not that easy, but it’s infinitely less hard than letting go of a grudge, especially when the person you are upset with has not apologized. For my Yom…

3 Ideas For a Meaningful Holiday

a meaningful high holiday

Don’t think I’m crazy, but I have some ideas to change my approach (and your approach) to the High Holiday season. Honestly, even if you’re not Jewish, these are methods that could make a difference for other holidays, too. Do you trust me? If we want this year’s holidays to feel different, then we have to try…